Why You Need Air Rollers for Playful (and Risk-Free!) Training Sessions

With our previous articles about different inflatable gym equipment we’ve opened the door to a more exciting gymnastics world to some of you.

If you’re already aware of this world, you may be here because you want to learn about new training “props” for your skills.

This time we want to tell you all about air rollers, and why they are so awesome. FYI, they’re also called air barrels.

How Do You Use an Air Barrel

Air rollers or air barrels are inflatable gym mats similar to air spots and air blocks. They resemble a punching bag, except they are bouncier and used for a different purpose.

Since they are higher and narrower than the other mats we talked about, they are very popular among gymnasts for practicing back handsprings. The feeling of having a soft, safe, bouncy “cushion” beneath you while you’re bending over your back on your hands gives beginning gymnasts the confidence to start practicing.

Air rollers are great for practicing many other skills such as front and back flips, front handsprings, back walkovers, handstands, jumps, and other gymnastic moves.

Just like other air track equipment, an air roller is simple in design. At first glance, an inexperienced athlete may wonder what to do with it (other than use its bounciness to jump up and down for hours). However, it’s an excellent multi-purpose mat that can be used for practicing skills AND for doing different exercises.

For example, since it’s the only inflatable mat that rolls over, it’s really good for training your balance and coordination. It’s also very popular among yoga and pilates fans, as well as dancers and cheerleaders.

Is An Air Roller Only for Beginners?

Though air rollers are excellent for practicing handsprings, they can also be useful to advanced-level gymnasts.

An air roller can be used jammed between two air tracks or regular padded mats, as well as with other available equipment – air blocks, air spots, etc. – to experiment with different platforms, heights, and obstacles.

Beginner gymnasts will appreciate air rollers until they gain confidence, after which they’ll remove the mat to see how they’ll do with a riskier landing. On the other hand, advanced athletes may use the air roller to make their training session more challenging.

When it comes to having fun, both beginner and more experienced tumblers know how to use the wonderfully bouncy air barrel for “recreational” purposes.

Can Air Rollers Be Used Outside?

Yes. Just like Starzom’s other inflatable mats, air rollers can be used both outside and inside.

They are made from durable PVC material that makes them long lasting (when properly handled), so you can take them anywhere you want.

That means you can practice your skills on the beach, on the grass, in your local gym, and anywhere else, as long as there’s enough space for your activities.

Another great thing about air barrels is that they can be inflated and deflated quickly. Once deflated, they are very light, compact, and easy to carry around.

Since they have two handles on each end, they’re also easy to move around when they’re inflated.

Like all other Starzcom products, they are not only fun to use, but also a necessity if you want to minimize the chances of injury and practice your skills safely.

Stay tuned for more ideas on how to use our air mats for playful tumbling sessions!

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