Why Air Spots Are a Perfect Companion for Dedicated Gymnasts

If you live and breathe aerials, handstands, jumps, back tucks, back and front handsprings, just tumbling in general, you’re probably not a stranger to relatively new and popular inflatable gym mats. 

Most budding gymnasts start out  modestly, usually first acquiring an air track as the most fundamental piece of tumbling equipment. But as your skill level goes up, you need more stuff to practice (safely). That’s where we come to – air spots.

What Is an Air Spot?

Air spots are inflatable gym mats very similar to air blocks, only circular in shape. They are made from sturdy military-grade PVC, reinforced with drop stitch materials and double wall layers, which makes them suitable for use in any environment – indoor and outdoor. That’s why they’re popular among other sports enthusiasts as well, from cheerleaders to martial arts fans. 

Starzcom’s air spots are 3.3 feet x 4 inches in size and easily inflatable. Their size and the fact that you can set them up in less than 5 minutes makes them super transportable, which is one of the reasons gymnasts love them so much. 

Air Spot vs. Air Block

If you’re just starting out as a gymnast, you may be confused with all the different types of inflatable equipment. It’s only natural to wonder about the difference between air spots and air blocks, and in truth, the difference is only in their shape and size. 

As we mentioned, air spots are round and air blocks are square or rectangular. Also, depending on the company, they come in different sizes, which makes every model suitable for a different set of skills. For example, mini air spots are less bouncy than big air spots, which is why gymnasts use them more for doing tricks off them.

What Gymnastic Skills Can You Practice Using an Air Spot?

Depending on their size, air spots can be good for a number of tumbling skills. Smaller ones are good for handstands, backward flips, front handsprings, front tucks, and all sorts of conditioning, balancing and stretching exercises. 

Medium and bigger air spots that are bouncier are good for back handsprings, back tucks and aerials. 

Air spots are basically great for doing things off of them.

It’s best to use them with an air track and other inflatable mats, because moving the mats around will give you many different combinations and a better platform for practicing different skills. 

What Else Can You Do with It?

When you’re “off tumbling duty”, you can use your air spot to just chill. Since it’s waterproof, you can use it as a surfboard or just a regular swimming pool lounger. In this scenario you won’t need other inflatable mats, only maybe some refreshing cocktail. 

Are Air Spots Safe to Use?

As we mentioned, our air spots are made from very sturdy drop stitch material, and they have an anti-skid surface. They are bouncy and soft enough, so when you slip and fall, the mat absorbs the impact. The reduced risk of injury is what air mats are all about. 

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