What Are the Best Air Tracks? These 3 Factors Will Help You Determine

Most parents will agree that inflatable gym equipment isn’t cheap. However, the benefits of owning it are completely worth it if the users are serious about gymnastics. Air tracks are quickly gaining recognition among young gymnasts as the ultimate tool for improving balance, strength, and fun tumbling and acrobatics tricks

Some advantages of inflatable over traditional mats are:

  • Safe padding
  • Lower chances of injury
  • Adjustable bounciness
  • Much increased portability

To get the best air track at the best price, you need to be aware of several factors that will determine its suitability for your kid. Let’s look at what you need to consider before buying an air track.

How Durable Should an Air Track Be?

An air track’s durability is the most important factor that determines its quality. Starzcom’s air tracks, for example, are made of military grade PVC with a double layer rail tape and reinforced stitching, which is an excellent indicator of its strength and longevity. When you are ready to buy inflatable gym equipment, make sure it is UV resistant, washable, waterproof, and with a waterproof seal on the inflation valve. 

What Is Your Gymnastics Skill Level?

Your skill level will determine the optimal size of your air track. Are you a complete beginner who’s never done any hand stands, backsprings, and tumbling? In that case, a thicker and longer air track will probably be necessary to remove your fear of scary acrobatics. If you are a seasoned gymnast who’s been using the traditional air mat for a long time, the following will help you choose:

10-feet air tracks are good for a launchpad, front and back walkover, and standing back tuck and handspring.

15-feet air tracks are ideal for two connected skills without running. They are great for practicing power hurdle front and side aerials, cartwheel back walkover, and connected standing back handsprings.

20-feet air tracks are suitable for three connected skills that come from standing or two elements that come from walking, as well as for standing back handsprings.

30-feet air tracks are perfect for tumbling, front tuck step-outs, and other more advanced moves.

These recommendations for air track size according to a preferred routine aren’t set in stone, and you’ll find that any durable air mat will greatly help you perfect your skills. 

How Portable and Manageable Is the Air Track?

If you often travel or love working out in nature, your air track’s portability will be a crucial factor in deciding whether to buy it. Thinner and smaller air tracks are usually lighter and easier to carry. Also, check whether the air track model you are interested in has carrying handles on the sides. 

Even if you are not moving around too much and want to use the air track only at home, make sure it is easy to manage, deflate, and store. 

To sum it all up, the best air track you can get is durable, portable, and covers a wide range of uses. 

At Starzcom, we offer long-lasting, premium-quality air tracks in four different sizes and three colors, so you’ll most probably find what you need right here.

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