These 5 Athletes Will Greatly Benefit from Inflatable Gym Mats

We’ll never get tired of repeating that inflatable gym mats are the greatest invention of the 21. century. They may have some close contenders, like e-cigarettes, robot vacuum cleaners, 3D printers, and several others. However, when you look at air track positive characteristics, you’ll realize they’re number one without any dilemma:

  1. They are FUN
  2. They are made for your safety
  3. They improve your physical health (Can you say that about any other competing invention?)
  4. They successfully take you way from addictive screens

People may wrongly assume that inflatable gym mats are made only for gymnasts. If you’re a different sports aficionado, don’t go away – we’re about to show you how air tracks can change your life for the better, making your training sessions twice as good. No, make that five times as good! 


Cheerleading is a wonderful sport that encourages a positive team spirit. What some cheerleaders do out there on the playing field is sometimes so daring that it seems dangerous to watch, let alone perform it! They practice their routines for months, perfecting a series of different moves, such as dancing, jumping, tumbling, stunting, etc. 

Though popular mainly in the United States, there are cheerleading clubs all over the world, from small Easter European countries, to the remote New Zealand. 

Cheerleading practice sessions vary from running outside to practicing stunts inside, and sometimes cheer clubs don’t have appropriate floors for all their tumbling and stunting sessions. They mostly use traditional gym mats, but imagine the possibilities (and safety!) of using air tracks! There would be less injuries, and the young athletes would be able to perfect their jaw-dropping tricks in less time and with more confidence. 

Martial Arts Athletes

The list of martial arts sports is too long to list here. Some of the more popular ones are karate, kung-fu, jiu-jitsu, aikido, taekwondo, capoeira, wrestling, krav maga, etc. 

Since there are hundreds and hundreds of martial arts sports, the best type of flooring will depend on the characteristics of each. What they have in common is that most martial arts practice spaces have padded floors that are made from some type of foam. These are high-impact sports and in many of them the athletes often end up on the floor, so practicing on a hard floor would be very dangerous. 

Though the use of air tracks in martial arts isn’t that widespread yet, the tracks’ safe padding and adjustable bounciness can help young learners improve their balance, agility, power, endurance, and speed in a much safer and funner way than on traditional mats.


There’s an extreme sport for you. It may be a sport for the more playful among athletes, but there’s no denying the dangerous aspect of their mission of getting from point A to point B in almost impossible movements. 

Some of the basic parkour moves involve running normally, running on all fours, all sorts of jumps, landing on your shoulder (it’s called a roll), different types of vaults, spins, etc.

Since a lot of parkour happens on rooftops and walls, it’s obviously impossible to use air tracks for all parkour tricks, but these bouncy, soft mats are extremely helpful in practicing balance and coordination, building strength, and practicing jumps, rolls, vaults, etc.


If parkour is not adrenalin-inducing enough for you, there’s freerunning that involves all the high intensity, wild parkour moves, but takes them to the next level. Freerunners will say that their chosen sport is a lot more expressive and creative, but many of the two sports’ movements and ideas are similar.

Just like parkourists, freerunners can also benefit a lot from using air tracks to gain those key skills they need for top performance. The only thing that may stop them from embracing inflatable gym mats completely is the fact that air tracks are made to provide SAFETY, which may not be on the freerunners’ list of priorities. 

And Yes, Gymnasts

Last but not least, gymnasts in today’s day and age really need to give air tracks a chance. 

Because, as they say: Once you go air track, you can never go back.

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