Can Air Tracks Go Outside? 5 Essential Tips for Outdoor Use

Air tracks are air-filled gym mats that allow athletes to practice acrobatic moves without injuring themselves. Once they gain confidence, they can move on to doing stunts on the gymnastics floor

Similarly to regular padded mats, air tracks can be used both indoors and outdoors. But they are superior to regular mats in several ways.

For one, they are lighter because they are filled with air, and they can be folded to a more compact size.

This allows their owners to easily take them further away from home – to a beach, mountain, the woods, or anywhere in nature that will inspire an energetic and fulfilling training session. 

So, let’s see why taking your air track outside is a great idea.

Can Air Tracks Get Wet?

Absolutely. Would they be such fun if they couldn’t?

They are made from a durable, waterproof material that allows you to wash it without worrying that water may sneak into it. 

Serious companies test their products prior to releasing them for sale, and one of the tests involves inflating air tracks to full pressure, and keeping them fully inflated for 48 hours to make sure there are no leaks.

That is why our air track mat is market leading in quality — we test it meticulously and in various use scenarios to make sure it takes the pounding. 

Can Air Tracks Go in the Pool?

This is where a padded mat would fail the test, while an air track is filled with air and therefore floating on the water. Plus, its fabric is kept together by reinforced, heat-pressed seams, making sure the product is airtight and waterproof. 

Of course, you can’t do all the gymnastic moves you’re used to, because for some of them you need a solid ground to run on and gain momentum before you jump on your mat. But there are still plenty of stunts you can do on the floating air track, including somersaults, handstands, flips, or perhaps some relaxing yoga. If you have a longer air track, you can have more people on it, playfully competing against each other. 

And the best part about practicing in the pool or some other body of water is – you can just take a quick, refreshing dip when you want to cool off. 

Can You Put an Air Track on Grass?

While all air tracks need to be made from durable material, some do not have a protective layer on the bottom side. You need to read the product manual to make sure you can use it on grass.

Starzcom air track mats have a double wall layer on the outer side and are safe to use on all surfaces, so you can use them on grass as well. Just make sure you clear the surface of all potentially puncturing objects, and if you don’t want to get your air track dirty, lay a groundsheet or some other protective sheet beneath your air track. 

You’re all set for an amazing training session in nature. 

Can Air Tracks Go on Concrete?

The answer is again “yes”, but we definitely recommend placing a groundsheet or tarp beneath the mat. Even if the concrete is very smooth, the additional protective sheet will ensure you don’t wear out your air track.

Can You Wear Shoes on an Air Track?

All air track products come with an instruction booklet, so it’s best to consult it regarding the issue of shoes on the product. 

Most athletes practice their moves on air tracks barefoot. If you take a look at Starzcom’s how-to videos, you’ll see that our lovely gymnasts are always with shoes off. So, if you want to follow a recommendation, that would be it. It’s the safest way not to damage the air track and prolong its life. 

However, if you’re more comfortable wearing shoes, make sure they are light, soft-soled and perfectly clean.

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