About Us

Hey, it’s Verdon Kelliher here, owner of Starzcom.

Starzcom came to be after one of our three daughters pleaded for an air track because, unbeknownst to us, no budding gymnast could ever succeed without one.

My wife and I were also keen to teach the girls about running an online business while they were still at school, with the aim that they could start their own ecommerce businesses before they leave school. So, with the combination of these two things, we decided to look at the air tracks market. Our initial plan was to find a factory in China that made air tracks and rebrand them into Starzcom, but after months of searching and numerous samples flown over to Auckland for testing, we couldn’t find a product with a high enough quality construction that could stand up to the pounding that my daughters and their friends gave to the tracks. We decided to bite the bullet and invest in creating a specification for not just air tracks, but also air spots, rollers and water bouncers as well.

This meant recruiting an engineer to our team who was experienced in the construction of inflatable products.

We then learned about the different types of materials that are used in air tracks construction before settling a PVC material that was robust enough for our needs while exceeding the industry standard.

The next few months comprised of manufacturing and testing until we were happy with the quality, look and feel of the Starzcom range of air products.

Starzcom opened for business initially in Australia in July 2019 before expanding to the USA in November the same year.

It was important to us, that we were a nice company to do business with.

We wanted our customers to enjoy interacting with the Starzcom family as well as their purchases so we regularly ran competitions, giveaways and product ambassador searchers which quickly resulted in a very large following on social media with great interaction and feedback from Starzcom users.

We hope that you enjoy your Starzcom products. Please provide feedback to us about products you would like to see us make and improvements that we can do to the existing Starzcom range.